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Yucatan is a map taken from Age of Empires III.


The Central America rain forests are home to many Treasures. Each player will start with a nearby Aztec or Maya village. Use your ships to control the land on your side, or try to build a dock on the far shore and control both coasts. The dense forests mean you will never run short of Wood. Herds of Tapir and Capybara offer unusual hunting opportunities.


To the east and west of the map is two ocean coasts, with each player starting alternatively on the right or left. Control of your own ocean is easy to establish, but control of your enemy's ocean would put you in a favorable position, enabling you to attack at the heart of your opponent's colony. You'll find a Native settlement nearby, and the Trade Route runs through the center of the map.

All resources are plentiful on this map, but an addition of naval combat may deplete your mines quickly. Use the ocean to fish and go whaling.

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