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The Asian Dynasties
Unique UnitsShaolin Rattan Shield
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Wood Clearing
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Shaolin Temple is a minor Native Asian civilization taken from Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.


One of the most famous Buddhist monasteries is the Shaolin Monastery, located in the Henan province of China, founded in 495 CD. The edifice is associated specifically with Chan Buddhism and the martial art of Kung Fu.


The Rattan Shield is an infantry unit that can be trained at the Shaolin Temple (after a Trading Post is constructed), it is armed with a sword and a shield. It lacks any multipliers making it more of a fodder unit rather than an essential part of an army. This is further supported by the fact it costs no population.

When playing as the Japanese (Level 40 Home City required) these units perform well when mixed with Spanish Rodeleros from the Consulate, which are nearly as fast despite being Heavy Infantry. This is also due to the fact the Shaolin unit upgrades effect the Rodeleros. Combine the two units speed with the Shogunate hit point and speed aura bonuses and they can respond quickly to threats and hold off the enemy if not kill them due to their durability.


Shaolin Temple upgrades focus on Wood collecting, improving the damage of hand infantry and Rattan Shields.