Sagueney is a map taken from Age of Empires III.


In this resource heavy region, you will start with an extra random economic building in addition to your Town Center. Building Outposts near the local Cree and Nootka villages help control sections of the map.


Rms saguenay


Saguenay's an economist heaven, with each player starting out with a random economic building; will it be a Livestock Pen, Mill, Market? Of course, each player will have the same building no matter what it is. The Trade Route location varies; it could be verticle in the center of the map, or stretching horizontally, ending near each player's colony. Natives will be close to both teams.

Saguenay's rich in resources, with plenty of food, mines, and forests. The fishing opportunities given by the central lake should not be ignored.

  • Herdables: Sheep (50/300 Food)
  • Herds: Deer (400 Food), Elk (500 Food), Moose (500 Food)
  • Tribes: Cree, Huron
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Map Guide: Saguenay