Orinico is riverine random map taken from Age of Empires III: The War Chief.


Orinoco is a tropical region, just north of the Amazon jungle. The teams are separated by the mighty Orinoco River, which empties into the Caribbean Sea to the north. Up to four different Native tribes can live in this area, including the Tupi, Zapotec, Caribs and Maya.


A very defensive map, Orinoco is much like Amazonia in that each player has one half of the map with a river along the middle. However, there is a stretch of swamp on eaither the north or southern side of the river that lets land troops cross. Also, you can not build ships along the river because it has cliff edges. There is no Trade Route.

Orinoco has pretty standard resouces, several groups of trees, herds, and mines occupy each side. The difference with Orinoco is that there are 4 different possible Native Settlements. Tupi, Zapotec, Carib, and Maya can all appear on the map and assist you to victory.

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