Northwest Territory is a map taken from Age of Empires III: The War Chief. Northwest Territory is a territory of Canada like the Yukon.


Northwest Territory is a green and rainy region along the Pacific Coast of North America. Resources are plentiful and Klamath and Nootka villages can be found nestled among the trees. Control the crossings and the resource-rich region across the main river to ensure victory.


A very unique map; Northwest Territory starts off with rain falling. The land is split up four different ways. Each player has their own "section" with two swampy areas to cross the river, which makes defense easier. Both players have a Trade Route with two Trading Posts and one Native American Ally (Klamath or Nootka). There is a small section to the east that holds a single Native American Settlement and connects the two other sections. Off to the west, across the river lays a resource filled strip of land that can only be reached by ship.

Resources are not too scarce, but not overly abundant on this map. You will find yourself with about 3 herds of huntables in your section of the map. Moose, deer, and elk will all be available. You may have to go a couple screens away for wood, so be careful of raids. If you guard the two entry points, you may be okay as long as the opponent does not decide to land troops via ships. And try to get to the Western strip before the opponent for some extra natural resoures to gather.

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