Mughal settlement
The War Coast
Unique UnitsMughal Riflemen
TechnologiesWestern Alliance
Taj Mahal Palace
MapsThe Lost Country
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Mughal is a minor native civilization that is available in Age of Empires III: The War Coast.

Technologies and upgradesEdit

Mughal have three technologies. They are: Western Alliance, Shipahi and Taj Mahal Palace.

If you research the Western Alliance then you can train three spahi units. It costs 150 coins and 600 food. Then Shipahi technology can make infantry and cavalry unit cost more cheaper. It costs 450 coins and food. The Taj Mahal Palace allows skills adapted from building permit you to construct defenses with incredible speed (Forts, Walls, Blockhouses, and Town Centers). It cost 250 coins and food. These technologies have icons of Taj Mahal, Consulate and Namib Shahir.

Mughals can train Mughal Rifleman which can also be upgraded into Elite Mughal Riflemen.