Page shows you the list of maps of Age of Empires III: The War Coast.


  • ZZ Arabia minimap
    Description: Welcome to Arabia. The Silk Road runs through this baron land. Since trees, plants, and animals are very scarce on this map. You will have to rely on trading to build an empire. You may find Sufi and Shaolin villages on the map. Enjoy the map.
  • Native civilizations: Sufi, Shaolin
  • Based on: The Arabian Peninsula

Sahara DesertEdit

ZZ Sahara minmap
  • Description: Welcome to the Sahara Desert. Trees, plants, and animals are very scarce on this map. You will have to rely on economics to build an empire. The vast desert makes it hard to defend yourself. The rolling sand hills stretch as far as the eye can see.
  • Native civilizations: (none)
  • Based on: Sahara Desert

Southern SaharaEdit

ZZ southern sahara minimap
  • Description: This is the southern region of the Sahara Desert. Trees, plants, and animals are more frequent here then in the original Sahara. You can find some water in the pool but no fish.
  • Native civilizations: (none)
  • Based on: Southern region of Sahara Desert


ZZ antarctica minimap
  • Description: Players start on mountain outcrops in the middle of a wide expanse of ice. Resources are not standard - all extra resources are located on exposed mountain tops in the midst of the icefield or on the ridge of land surrounding the icefield. There are two trade routes on the sides of the map, and there are Nootka villages on other mountain outcrops.
  • Native civilizations: Nookta
  • Based on: Antarctica


Zz greenland minimap
  • Description: Teams start on opposite sides of the long, arid peninsula, with a mountain range and a trade route with 3 or 4 trade posts down the center. There can be 2-5 native villages, randomly Aztec, Maya, Tupi or Seminole, variously placed about the map. Fishing is rich and there are whales concentrated off the southern tip. Extra silver or gold is not plentiful, but is most abundant in the mountains or in the north.
  • Native civilizations: Aztec, Maya, Tupi, Seminole
  • Based on: Greenland

South Africa PlateauEdit

ZZ south africa minimap
  • Description: This is the plateau in South Africa. A great map with deserts all over place. Some palm trees are found over the map. The trade route goes through the map in the from top to down. There are many treasures and also mines. Outlaw Riders and the Grisly bear guards the treasures. And you may find many Zulus or Congo native settlements in the map.
  • Native civilizations: Zulus, Congo
  • Based on: South Africa

The Lost CountryEdit

Zz the lost country minimap
  • Description: The Lost Country is based on a land in Central Asia where kingdom was destroyed the Mughals and Safavids. In this map you will find a large lake on the middle. No trade routes. Similar to Sonora, it is a desert map with some trees packed. Treasures and mines are found near the natives or the trees. Mhougal (Mughal) and Safavid villages can be found.
  • Native civilization: Mhougal, Safavid
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