Great Lakes is a map taken from Age of Empires III.


Fight around the outside of a large freshwater lake. Control of the single long Trade Route is crucial. Several Iroquois or Lakota villages ring the lake. Resources, including fish, are plentiful. If you build too close to the shore without controlling the water, and you risk having your town shelled by enemy ships late in the game. Sometimes the lake may be frozen over, presenting a different tactical challenge.


Varying between a warm setting with a central lake and a frigid tundra with the central lake froze over, you'll find the change creates different situations. When the central lake is froze over, it will be a quick march to reach the heart of a player's empire; however, when there's a lake, naval control of this lake gives a player dominance over most of the map and it depends much less on control of the land. The Trade Route on this map is huge, stretching in a circle over the entire map.

You'll find plentiful food and forests, but there are few mines near your location. If you play on a warm setting, use the central lake for fishing; when the lake's frozen over, expect to find herds of animals wandering nearby.

  • Herdables: Sheep (50/300 food)
  • Herds: Deer (400 food), Moose (500 food)
  • Tribes: Cheyenne, Cree, Huron
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